Our Cars


Showcasing our vintage show car and race car.

Our 1967 Chevelle

Vintage Show Car

After being converted to a race car in 1970 by Clyde Hemeon, this 1967 Chevelle was driven by Bob Yuille, Charlie Kane, and then to three championships between Jim Sewart and his brother Greg. It primarily raced at the now defunct Atlantic Speedway but also at other tracks in the Maritimes. The car was retired in 1980 and parked beside a barn near Brookfield, NS. It was discovered in 2004 and moved to a field near the Halifax airport where it sat until 2010, when it was recovered by the eventual founders of Heart of a Champion. The car was fully restored in 2017 and has since been used to promote HOAC and help preserve Maritime stock car racing history. It was the immediate and unquestionable interest in this car since its restoration that spurred the formation of Heart of a Champion.

Our 1979 Tour-Type Modified

Vintage Race Car

In 2019 we added this vintage Tour-Type Modified race car to our collection. A 1979 Ford Pinto, the car boasts a significant lineage including a win in a 1980s NASCAR modified 100-lap event at Westboro Speedway (MA). It was driven originally by Roland Lapierre, Jr. as #134, then with a Chevy Vega body. It was eventually sold and the number changed to ‘U2’ and, for a short time, ‘U25’, and raced by Joe Howard at Stafford and Thompson Speedways. In the early 2000s, the car was sold again (for $200) to Randy Hall who restored it to its ‘U2’ condition and then raced it with vintage series around New England. Once acquired by HOAC, the car was rebuilt and the number changed back to its original #134 as a tribute to Roland Lapierre, Jr. The car will compete in our Hot Rod Classics Vintage Race Car Series.