Entry Form

Any racer that wishes to be eligible for Hot Rod Classics tow money MUST enter each event using the following Entry Form on or before the Tuesday prior. This allows us to prepare for and promote the event – which benefits all of us, our sponsors, and our host facilities. Relevant information (driver, car, sponsors) will be provided to the series announcer so please be as accurate and complete as you can be. If you need to update your information please do so by Friday before the event, using this form.

Only drivers registered with the series will be permitted to race – if you haven’t already registered you will find the form here.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation!

Event Information

Driver Information

Car Information

can be updated, if necessary, using this form as late as the Friday before the event

Emergency Contact Information (for Driver)


herein known as the 'applicant'; must be the driver or an authorized legal representative

Complete Entry Form Application

This form will be processed when "Submit Entry Form' is clicked - please wait for thank-you message or notification of error - if there is an error it will be indicated by the field in question - fix and resubmit - once the form has been processed you will receive a copy of your registration by email.

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